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Kenny J Custom Designs

My story begins like most stories, back in high school learning woodworking from my Shop Teacher. He taught me the basic skills I would need to become a wood worker. But this was not something I was passionate about from the beginning, this desire to create things with my hands has come later in life. It is only after working for many years in a corporate environment, that I have allowed my creative side to come out. 


Inspired by other artists I have taught myself how to create beautiful works of art using a combination of traditional methods and laser engraving. The traditional methods of wood working are my foundation. Learning how to laser engrave has been a journey. I began by watching other artists, researching the technology and ordering my first machine, which I built from scratch. Learning the software, techniques and trouble-shooting problems as I went through the process of creating my first works of art. Now after 3 years I am ready to share my art with others, encouraged by a local Farm that provided me the opportunity of displaying my work for the first time. The positive feedback from customers and praise I received from the owners has inspired me to launch this business.   

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